The Electrode Is The Basic Part Of The Original Battery

The electrode generally refers to the location of the redox reaction with the electrolyte solution. Electrode has positive and negative points, generally positive cathode, get electrons, a reduction reaction occurs, the anode was anode, loss of electron oxidation reaction. The electrode may be metal or non-metallic, Electrode as long as it can exchange electrons with the electrolyte solution, that is, the electrode. The electrode is the basic part of the original battery. The device that generates the current by the spontaneous oxidation-reduction reaction is called the original battery

Electrode structure and the role of various parts

A complete electrode should have the following parts structure: the shape of the product, Electrode playing the table in the median, spark and avoid straight position.

1: product shape

Product shape is the core component of the electrode, the lack of it or this part of the damage, the electrode does not make sense, the electrode in the EDM on the mold discharge processing, mold cavity is from this part of the processing.

2: spark bit

Two objects with different charges only in a very small distance but not in contact when the discharge, when the distance is large or full contact will not have a discharge phenomenon, Electrode so the electrode and the mold is actually no contact, That is, the surface of the electrode and the surface of the mold is the difference between the distance of a spark bit.

So that there is no need to set the spark bit, will directly affect the sparks machine processing out of the cavity and the same product.

3: hit the table in the median position

In the mold EDM processing, the shape of the mold is a rectangular cube, through the calibration table, the middle of the workpiece can be placed flat, Electrode find the center of the mold, so that we want to want to process some of the accurate processing to the mold.

Similarly, the electrode has three factors above enough, there must be able to put the electrode positive, positioning of the structural components, Electrode which is playing the table, the median.

4: straight position

Straight position of the side is straight, it is in the role of EDM is to ensure that the cavity in the processing to the depth of the need to play the table in the middle, Electrode and will not touch the mold surface. That is, from the role of avoidance.