The Ignition Is A Kind Of Ignition System

Igniter (English name: igniter), refers to the moment can provide enough energy to ignite coal, oil (gas) fuel and stabilize the flame of the device. Ignition has a commercial stove and civilian furnace points: commercial mainly used in cooking kitchen stove ignition system, because the use of dining kitchen environment is more complex, so the choice of igniter when the requirements of the civilian strict. Ignitor Civil use is mainly used in household stove ignition system, the use of the environment than the food stove is relatively simple to help use the pulse of the ignition more.

The role of the ignition is to work with the sensor to determine the spark plug flash time, that is, the ignition time. If the damage is basically no use of the ignition, which is actually very simple, that is, a few diodes, resistors and a SCR. Ignition is not a transformer, high voltage is generated by the ignition coil, Ignitor the ignition coil is a transformer, the ignition is to control the generation of high-voltage moment.

How to use the ignition

First, please fully charged the ignition, to ensure that the fire can be used normally, and then open the car switch. Block the exhaust port, turn the engine (pull the car to pull a few hands pull, electric start the car will be inserted into the electric bar to play a few), Ignitor see the oil into the carburetor, the release of the exhaust, and then the ignition To the head, and then start the car on the line.

Ignition identification method

1, the ignition of the wiring are plugged in, do not connect the power cord (AC ignition of the charging side), or in advance will be magnetic motor high-voltage output line unplugged. After determining that the ground of the igniter is connected with the ground of the circuit on the vehicle, then pull the high pressure cap from the spark plug and insert a backup spark plug on the vehicle body. Finally, the motor on the DC circuit (FireWire is connected to the battery + pole.) To connect the ignition side of the ignition.

2, the ignition device according to the above connected to the circuit, turn the magnet motor to trigger the sensor to send the ignition signal to the ignition, Ignitor see the spark plug is not a fire. If the spark plugs fire, this is the DC igniter. (AC ignition of the charging side is usually accepted hundreds of voltage, the battery 12V indifferent.) If you do not miss the time, but also carefully carefully check the cause, Ignitor or use meter to determine the nature of igniter, Sentenced to exchange igniter.

3, the more insurance approach is to use low-voltage power supply to do the repeated tests on the ignition, many times to determine the use of low-voltage DC ignition, and can be judged as an exchange igniter. Conditional riders, you can use a small current high-voltage power supply, if in case of DC ignition, but also because of the current small = voltage drop without harming the igniter. Ignitor But the small current high pressure, or will be on the exchange of ignition to achieve the charge, in the test to be careful discharge Ma hand.

4, for special circumstances, such as inductive high-pressure package is not suitable for supporting CDI igniter; some ignition and high-pressure package combined with the ignition, Ignitor such as XH90 four-punch integrated ignition. There is also a self-triggered two red exchange igniter, is the use of magnetic motor high voltage power supply, positive charge storage / reverse trigger discharge.